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Cargo Tracking FAQ's

Do my Customers need to buy CargoNet?

Not required. All your Customers require is an internet connection with a standard browser and user name and password you have already provided to them. With this they are able to track their shipments at their fingertips.

How does Cargo tracking work?

Cargo Tracking has a very simple user interface which your customers can use with relative ease and reap rich benefits. You can update the status of the Shipment/Cargo; from within CargoNet. This data is captured by the Cargo Tracking software which tracks shipments by many a criteria including Shipment type, Shipper/Consignee Name, Shipment Dates and any other criteria you want to specify. Your customers will be able to track their shipments right from the shipper’s warehouse till it reaches the consignee’s place of delivery.

What level of Customer support I can expect?

We have a support Desk Team which is available 24/7 to answer any of your queries and address any problems you may come across while using the software. Our support is available via Online Chat, Telephone and email. All it requires is you have to shoot across a mail or just a call and our executives will be glad to give you the support.

What Cost Benefits I get from Cargo Tracking?

Cargo Tracking delivers significant cost benefits for you by saving the time and money you spend in interacting with your customers to keep them informed about their shipment status. You also stand to gain more trust of your customers as it save s lot of your customer’s time also. Cargo Tracking enables a higher level of efficiency, productivity and profitability through intelligently linked system.

Does Cargo Tracking enable my customers to trace & Track their Cargo status online?

Absolutely! Using our exclusive cargo tracking software your customer or agent can view the status of their shipments in “Real-Time”, view documents in actual format such as AWB’s, Bills of Lading, Invoices and much more..

What is the Security level in Cargo Tracking?

Your Data and information security is absolutely foolproof. The user name and password you are providing to your customers is absolutely safe and no customer can see the other’s data, shipment details or status. The data will be stored in the centralized database in an encrypted manner and is absolutely protected from any mishandling or pilferage.

What are the other features available in Cargo Tracking?

Besides tracking shipments, your customer will be able to download documents like Airway Bills, Bills of Lading, Invoices and a host of other operational reports which you have given access rights to them. He will be able to trace down to the most intricate details like Job Details, Commodity details on his fingertips. This feature saves a lot of your money and time which otherwise you would have had to spend in communicating with the customer when an enquiry comes in regarding these issues.
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