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Inland Distribution Management complexity is increasing. Are you ready for the future? I Code delivers the technology that will be critical to your success. Implement the Distribution Management software from I Code as a total solution to gain control of your future today. This is a part of the coveted CargoNet which is a comprehensive suite of software for complete freight forwarding solutions.
Reliable, on-time delivery of goods is the key to any Inland Transportation company’s primary services. This requires meticulous planning, a well co-ordinated network and professional execution of the plans. I Code Technologies Pvt Ltd brings unique software with state of the art technology which enables you to manage your inland transport operations the perfect way.
I Code Technologies with its immense experience in the field of logistics for the past 7+ years has molded the software, which takes care of your Planning, Execution, Monitoring your operational and Financial aspects of inland transportation.

The software offers a comprehensive coverage of the entire Distribution Management  right from the origin point to the final destination points where the cargo is delivered (Refer to fig 1.0.1). I Code offer a wealth of software solutions which covers all your Distribution Management right from booking till integration with Cargo Tracking and Financial operations like invoicing, Payment and Receipt settlements and much more.

Since the software is an application with a centralized database you can:

Track Booking and job from multiple locations and prepare a consolidated Trip Sheet at the point of Cargo Consolidation Plan your trip sheets based on the number of bookings, priority and many other customized options Create Invoices based on single/Multiple Trip sheets from single/Multiple locations for a customer Track Pending trip sheets Customer wise, Location wise, Driver wise and take decision based on the comprehensive reports generated Track Outstanding Payables/Receivables Driver/Vendor wise / Customer wise Obtain Branch wise and consolidated Profitability report and much more….

Key Benefits of the Software

Cargo Tracking simplified

I Code have come out with the easiest way to find the status of your cargo shipment at any point of time from the point of destination. The operational module will be linked to your website from where you and your customers can track their shipments easily and accurately. This significantly reduces redundant time because the customers can directly login and view their shipment status. This tool is very useful to your Help Desk people who can assist customer calls instantly.
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