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Technological Innovation in Supply Chain Management can Lead to Robust and Optimal Customer Service Delivery

To improve customer experience, companies must deliver what they promise. But customer expectations have changed. In the old days, customers expected to get what they ordered when they ordered it. Now customers expect to get what they order when they need it. The supply chain is now primarily about delivering experiences, or improving them, and as experience becomes mission critical, companies will increasingly turn to technology to improve the customer experience.

As experience becomes even more critical to business success, the supply chain will become the new battleground for competitive advantage and profit.

Companies that fail to see the seismic shift taking place in the supply chain will find themselves left behind. Those who are able to transform their supply chains into experienced delivery systems will become the new market leaders, while those that fail to do so will find themselves relegated to the also-ran category.

The relationship between innovation, customer service, and supply chain performance has grown increasingly complex in the last few decades. Companies rely on innovation to sustain their brand, increase their revenue, and create value for customers. Yet, the last few years have shown how difficult it is for major companies to sustain their competitive position.

 Change is never easy, but for businesses that are willing to embrace the opportunities presented by the supply chain, the payoff can be substantial. Companies that fail to evolve, however, will find their growth prospects limited.

The supply chain is no longer linear. It is complex, fragmented, and disjointed, with decisions being made at many levels, from suppliers to customers, and from suppliers to suppliers. Technology is now helping to stitch together those various supply chains into a seamless experience. Technology is also making it easier to provide personalized services, and to connect consumers to content, communities, and experts, all on their mobile devices.

Technology is also beginning to allow companies to measure, understand, and act on customer experience in real time. From improving order accuracy, to reducing returns and chargebacks, to improving availability of products, to reducing fraud losses, technology is becoming a critical tool for transforming the supply chain into customer experience delivery systems.
Technology is also driving the use of innovation.
Technology advancements such as cloud computing, social media, big data analytics, and mobility have opened up new avenues for supply chain and logistics managers. However, many supply chain managers still face challenges such as identifying and mitigating disruptions in the supply chain, improving customer service delivery and optimizing resources utilization. In order to meet these challenges, supply chain managers must understand and leverage the new technologies available today.

An emerging trend in the supply chain and logistics industry is cloud-based supply chain and logistics management. Cloud-based supply chain and logistics management has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Businesses are moving to cloud-based supply chain and logistics management as it enables organizations to access information and collaborate with their partners in real-time. Cloud-based supply chain and logistics management is enabling organizations to manage their supply chain and logistics needs more effectively, efficiently, and accurately.

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