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How to Choose Right Software for Freight Forwarding Business?

Logistics and Freight Forwarding industry is gigantic and in recent years the industry is driven by technology. If we glance back, the approach of handling Freight and Logistics operations is completely different as compared to earlier years. In past few decades Logistics industry  have witness  revolution of digital transformation by AI and Automation hence to be adhere of competitor its essential for freight forwarders to implement right ERP software application to managing complex operations.

Freight forwarders are necessary in today’s global economy. These companies help ensure that goods get from the place of manufacture to the place of sale with as little hassle and delay as possible. Freight forwarding can be a confusing field due to all of the different companies and services out there, but it’s important to find the right one before you start sending shipments all over the world.

If you are looking to choose the best freight forwarding software for your business then this article is for you. Here is a detailed step by step guide that will help you to pick the right software for your business.

#1 – What is Freight Forwarding Software?

Freight forwarder software saves you all the trouble of physically standing in queues and filling up forms and paperwork and doing an endless list of things, which you might even forget after a while. Freight forwarding software gives you an option to do everything via computer or laptop, with just one click.

#2 – How does freight forwarding software work ?

Freight forwarding software is a centralized platform that you can use to manage all of your shipping and logistics operations. It gives the ability for you to do things like:

  • Keep track of shipments from start to finish, from sourcing to delivery.
  • Automate how you communicate with your suppliers and customers.
  • Manage your entire inventory from a central location.
  • Keep track of vehicle maintenance and fuel usage.

A comprehensive freight forwarder software solution will make it simple for you to obtain information about all aspects of your business, giving you a full understanding of what’s

#3-  Why use  freight forwarder software ?

The benefits of using freight forwarding software is to make your shipping process easier and more efficient. Freight forwarders are trained to handle overseas shipping, therefore they can play a big role in making sure you’re shipping a container with the right documentation and paperwork.

Freight forwarding software is a business application that makes the freight forwarding industry’s management process much more efficient.

The benefits of using freight forwarding software for your company are numerous. You can save time and money when managing shipments, avoid being penalized by your carrier, manage your invoices quickly, easily add new carriers to your account, track your shipments from beginning to end, and so on.

Freight forwarders can use a freight forwarding software to manage your shipments from pickup to delivery, helping you save time and money on each shipment.

Picking up right Freight Forwarding ERP  Software Module manages  all freight forwarding operations efficiently  and accurately  within a less time frame which ultimately  result in profitability and productivity. The operation includes handling consignment  import and  export records, real time tracking of containers, Custom Clearance, Documentation, Accounting, expense tracker and much more.. so the following are some  factors to be thought-about while selecting ERP Solution  for Freight Forwarding Business.

Freight Forwarding ERP Software Key Feature

Cloud based Freight Management ERP module provides multi-channel access across a variety of platforms and devices including Desktops, Tablets – iOS, Android, Mobile Phones which helps to manage the workflow remotely
Centralized ERP is very cost effective .Centralized software helps build IT infrastructure to your logistics and freight forwarding business rather than going for multiple systems and resources which may increase overall cost. Centralized freight ERP Software provide Overall control and Visibility
ERP Freight Forwarding application should be user friendly and can be easily operated by Staff.
As freight forwarding includes operations like pick up consignment from source and delivering it to the end user .Freight Forwarding software provides Real time monitor & access to all Freight operations any time anywhere and delivering in on time.
It is important to have overall control over financial transactions to estimate profit per shipment . The Freight Forwarding ERP Solution must be capable of handling Bank Receipt, Bank Payment, Cash Receipt, Credit Note, Cash Payment, Purchase Bill, Bank Reconciliation, Agent Wise Payable ,Audit Trail, Bank Book Report, Profit & Loss, Receivable & Payable
Document Management is very important in Freight Forwarding for Putting all Consignments in Order. Freight Forwarding company should have proper e document to handle Rail, sea and air freight consignments. Managing correct document for loading, unloading, Customs clearance, receipting agents, customs or other parties is bit challenging. Hence a software with proper e Document Management (paperless) will help to manage your business easy way.
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