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How e-way bills have changed the way the logistics industry works

The India e-way bill system has changed the way the logistics industry works. It is a paperless tool that allows businesses to track their cargo across different states in India. The new e-way bill system is also a convenient way for businesses to submit bills and get paid faster, which means they can get their money quicker than ever before.


The e-way bill system has been implemented by the Central Government under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, which is a tax charged on all goods and services sold in India. The implementation of GST has made it mandatory for all businesses to register with GSTN, India’s single window platform for electronic tax filing.

E-way bills have been a boon for the logistics industry. It provides a real-time record of the movement of goods and services, which helps in avoiding disputes and also ensures efficient distribution of resources.


Introduction E – Way Bill

The concept of e-way bills was first introduced in India in 2017 and has since been adopted by many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In India, it is used as a substitute for the import of goods from outside the country. The aim of this system is to help reduce paperwork and increase efficiency in the movement of goods between different states.

An e-way bill is an electronic document that contains information about a consignment being transported across state borders. It provides details of the consignment such as its weight, dimensions and ownership details. This information can be used to trace a shipment in case it goes missing or gets damaged during transit. The system also helps companies track their shipments to ensure that they reach their destination intact.

The introduction of e-way bills has changed how businesses operate in India as well as abroad. They make it easier for companies to track their shipments from source to destination as well as avoid delays caused due to customs clearance procedures at various ports along the way.”

What is E- way Bills?

E-way bill is a document that acts as an electronic substitute for the existing e-way bill. It is generated and issued by the transporter and the e-way bill generator (EBG). The e-way bill is generated based on the details of goods, such as consignment details, cargo name, weight and other relevant information. The e-way bill contains all the details of goods including consignee information, origin of goods, destination of goods, etc., which can be used to track goods in real time.

Advantages of E-way Bills 

The advantage of the e-way bill is that it has been made to replace paper-based documents like bills of lading (BOL), bills of loading (BL), etc., thereby reducing the cost incurred by transporters and exporters in terms of money spent on printing and maintaining these documents.


How to generate E- Way Bills ?

E-Way Bill can be generated instantly through a mobile application on smartphones or tablets
This feature makes it easy for any stakeholder in the supply chain to generate an e-way bill immediately at any point of time irrespective of where they are located. This will help them manage their transactions more effectively while keeping track of all transactions at one place only instead of carrying multiple documents with them all the time which could prove cumbersome and also cause loss due to mishandling etc.

The e-way bill is a document that gives a clear picture of the ownership of goods between the shipper and receiver. It is an electronic document that is generated by a computer device called e-way bill generator (e-waybill) which is installed at the origin or destination of goods.

An IT enabled system developed by CargoNet Team has a feature to generate these  bills. All consignments will be picked up from their respective places and delivered at their destinations in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

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