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cargonet-freight solution
cargonet-freight solution

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Welcome to CargoNet

e-Invoicing (ZATCA) Software for
Logistics in Saudi Arabia

Revolutionize your logistics operations in Saudi Arabia with CargoNet (ZATCA) e-Invoicing software. Streamline your invoicing procedures and smoothly manage the complexities of the Saudi Arabian logistics sector. With adaptable features, real-time monitoring, effortless integration, and multi-currency capabilities, ZATCA ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses operating in Saudi Arabia.

Why Choose Cargonet ?

Why Choose


Ensuring Error-Free

with CargoNet

Empowering logistics operations, CargoNet

with its robust features and functionalities

E-Invoices for Logistics

e-Invoicing Software

e-Invoicing software guarantees error-free invoicing

ensuring seamless processes and enhanced efficiency.

Comprehensive Data Validation

CargoNet employs smart data validation processes to ensure that all information entered into the system complies with ZATCA regulations and other relevant standards. These validations cover various aspects such as invoice details, client information, pricing, and taxation, minimizing the risk of errors and inaccuracies

Automated Validation Processes

CargoNet automates the validation process, reducing reliance on manual checks and minimizing human errors. Advanced algorithms and validation rules systematically verify the accuracy and completeness of invoice data, flagging any discrepancies or potential issues for correction before finalization.

Real-time Compliance Checks

CargoNet continuously monitors changes in regulatory requirements, ensuring ongoing compliance with evolving standards. Real-time compliance checks prevent errors resulting from outdated regulations or non-compliance with new mandates, safeguarding against potential penalties and disruptions.

Integration with ZATCA Standards

CargoNet seamlessly integrates with ZATCA standards, ensuring that all generated e-invoices adhere to specific regulatory requirements. This integration enables CargoNet to automatically generate ZATCA-compliant XML invoices, complete with unique identifiers, and other essential elements mandated by regulations.

User-Friendly Interface

CargoNet  intuitive interface simplifies the invoicing process for logistics professionals. Clear prompts, validation messages, and error alerts guide users through each step, reducing the likelihood of data entry errors and ensuring completeness and accuracy.

Training and Support

CargoNet provides comprehensive training and support to users, ensuring they understand the invoicing process and the importance of accuracy and compliance. Regular updates and educational resources keep users informed about best practices and regulatory changes, empowering them to generate error-free e-invoices consistently.

Advantages of CargoNet

(ZATCA) e-Invoicing Software for Logistics in Saudi Arabia

Implementing CargoNet (ZATCA) e-Invoicing software in Saudi Arabia offers numerous benefits for logistics enterprises, including strengthened tax compliance, ensured accuracy, and efficiency. By following regulations set by the Saudi Arabian Tax Authority (ZATCA), the software reduces the risk of penalties and fines, ensuring robust tax adherence. CargoNet’s advanced features, such as automated data validation and real-time compliance checks, support error-free invoicing processes, thereby reducing disputes and improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, the software promotes environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage and streamlining operations. CargoNet also aids in detecting fraudulent activities within logistics through its advanced validation processes, providing enhanced security measures. Overall, CargoNet e-Invoicing software empowers logistics enterprises in Saudi Arabia to achieve heightened compliance, efficiency, and security in their invoicing endeavors.


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Discover CargoNet (ZATCA) E-Invoicing

Optimize Logistics in Saudi Arabia

Dive into the cutting-edge world of logistics management with CargoNet (ZATCA) E-Invoicing software, tailored specifically for the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia. Uncover its versatile array of features meticulously crafted to optimize operations, simplify invoicing, and ensure seamless compliance with local regulations. Experience the transformative power of technology as CargoNet empowers your logistics endeavors with efficiency, accuracy, and unparalleled convenience


CargoNet streamlines your invoicing process by automating repetitive tasks, such as generating invoices, sending them to clients, and tracking payments. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that your invoices are accurate and delivered promptly


CargoNet integrates advanced error prevention mechanisms to identify and rectify common invoicing errors before invoices are sent out, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards specific to Saudi Arabia.


Keep track of all invoice-related activities with CargoNet audit trail functionality, providing transparency and accountability in accordance with Saudi Arabian regulations.

Invoice Approval Workflows

Streamline your approval processes with CargoNet customizable invoice approval workflows. This feature allows you to define approval hierarchies and set up automated approval notifications, expediting the approval process and reducing delays.

Multi-Language Support

Serve Saudi Arabia’s diverse community with CargoNet  multi-language support feature, enabling communication and invoicing in English, Arabic, and other languages as per user preference.

Secure Document Storage

Safeguard invoicing documents with CargoNet secure document storage feature, ensuring that all documents, including invoices and payment records, are securely stored and accessible only to authorized users.

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Welcome to CargoNet

Your Ultimate Freight Forwarding Solution!

Step into the future of freight forwarding with CargoNet – Your Ultimate Freight Forwarding Solution! We’re not just a platform; we’re a revolution in logistics. Seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers through advanced technology, we’ve redefined efficiency. From instant rate comparisons to real-time tracking and predictive analytics, our comprehensive tools empower you to make data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and never-ending phone conversations. Experience the ease of managing your shipments at your fingertips. Utilizing cutting-edge freight forwarding software, embark on the CargoNet  journey as we lead the path towards a more intelligent, efficient, and environmentally conscious global trade environment.

Why Choose

Why Choose Cargonet ?


Uncover the Excellence

Cargonet - Your affordable

Freight Forwarding

Management Solution

Discover the excellence of Cargonet, the top-ranked freight forwarding management solution, empowering your business with seamless automation and streamlined logistics.

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Customs Clearance Software is an Innovative tool designed to expedite and simplify the customs clearance process for international shipments. By automating documentation and compliance procedures, it minimizes delays and ensures smooth clearance at borders. This software enables businesses to navigate complex customs regulations with ease, enhancing overall logistics efficiency and reducing the risk of shipment delays or penalties.

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Unlocking the Future:

The Cargonet Ecosystem Revolutionizing Logistics

Step into the innovative world of CargoNet Ecosystem! Say goodbye to the fragmented logistics and freight challenges that plague the industry. We’ve assembled a comprehensive platform that unites multiple services under a single, harmonious roof. Our mission is to empower you with the most precise and tailored shipment information, solving the pain points that hinder seamless operations. With a team of our industry experts and cutting-edge platforms, we’ve meticulously conceptualized and crafted this ecosystem to revolutionize the way you do logistics. Embrace the future of freight with CargoNet Ecosystem!


Revolutionize Your operations with

CargoNet's Freight Forwarding Software

Cargonet’s freight forwarding software is designed to efficiently organize, automate, and streamline every aspect of the freight forwarding process.From seamlessly handling document receipt via email to automatically generating airway bills and booking shipments, the software ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Additionally, Cargonet’s system effortlessly integrates with your existing business systems, offering real-time information readily accessible at your fingertips. With Cargonet’s innovative solution, you can optimize your freight operations and stay ahead in the fast-paced logistics industry.

Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

Cargonet’s freight solution aims to revolutionize the way logistics and supply chain businesses interact with their customers. Through this innovative solution, Cargonet empowers companies to offer an enhanced digital customer experience that goes beyond traditional transactional interactions.

Smart Document

Cargonet Freight software can automate document generation and management, reducing errors and delays in customs clearance and compliance processes. Customers can access and share necessary documents easily.


Cargonet’s solution is at the forefront of transforming logistics and supply chain operations through workflow automation. By automating repetitive tasks, such as order processing, documentation, and invoicing, the software significantly improves operational efficiency.

Decision Making
Based on Data

Our software empowers logistics companies to make data-driven decisions that fuel success. By capturing and analyzing vast amounts of logistics data, the software provides valuable insights into trends, patterns, and performance indicators. Real-time analytics enable logistics managers to identify operational bottlenecks, optimize routes, and foresee potential disruptions in advance.

Instantaneous Visibility for Transparency

Cargonet Freight Forwarding software offers an unparalleled level of instantaneous visibility that enhances transparency in the logistics ecosystem. With real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, businesses gain complete oversight of their cargo, vehicles, and inventory at every stage of the supply chain.

Integrated Communication for Smooth Operations

Cargonet facilitates seamless and integrated communication among all stakeholders involved in the logistics process. The platform provides a central hub where customers, carriers, suppliers, and internal teams can communicate effectively. With secure messaging, file sharing, and task assignment features, collaboration becomes effortless and efficient.

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Triumph & Success

Discover the incredible journeys of our esteemed clients as they harness the power of CargoNet freight management software to unlock new levels of service excellence, conquer challenges with unwavering determination, and reach soaring heights of success. Let their stories inspire you to embark on your own path to greatness with CargoNet by your side.

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