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Freight Forwarders Need a SaaS Software That's Designed For Logistics Industry

Freight forwarders are an important part of the supply chain. They perform a number of tasks, including accepting and forwarding cargo, processing freight documents and invoicing, collecting payments and issuing bills of lading.

Freight forwarders also need to keep track of inventory so they can make sure they’re not out of stock on any shipments they’re expecting to receive. This can be very difficult if you don’t have the right software in place to help you manage your inventory. A good freight forwarder should have a custom-built SaaS based Freight Forwarding Software that’s designed specifically for their industry.

In order to meet the demands of modernizing their operations, many freight forwarders have started using SaaS Freight software solutions that can help them better manage their operations. Many of these programs offer various types of online services, including online ordering and tracking, as well as mobile apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets.

The most popular type of software available today is cloud-based Freight Forwarding solutions, which allow users to access their data from anywhere they have an internet connection. This type of software also allows users to make changes quickly without having to worry about downloading new files from a remote location.

CargoNet SaaS based Freight Forwarder Software is designed with the needs of the freight forwarder in mind. It provides users with an integrated suite of applications to help them manage their business from sales to shipping. CargoNet Freight Forwarder Software offers a range of tools for sales, operations management and customer service including:


1)Sales management tools – Sales order management, sales order fulfillment planning, and quoting systems.


2)Operations management tools – Inventory control software for retail store inventory management; distribution center flow planning; warehouse movement scheduling; pallet tracking and storage solutions; warehouse planning system; forklift driver scheduling solutions; vehicle tracking solutions; WMS (warehouse management system) solutions.


3)Document Management toolse-Docs besides helping your customers to access their related documents quickly and efficiently without depending on any time restrictions, simplifies your Customer Service process


Many of the issues that complicate shipping go beyond tracking, and shipping software should be designed with all of these issues in mind. You need to find a solution that helps you manage both your shipping operation and your customer relationships. We’ve put together the above infographic to help you start exploring all your options. If you’re ready to get started but need some help locating a provider, please contact us! We are the leader in freight forwarder software and would love to show you how we can help.

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