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CargoNet Ocean Import Logistics SOP

Export Logistics

CargoNet is designed to support export logistics at two functional levels. Pre shipment and post shipment. CargoNet starts capturing data at request from shipper for export.

CargoNet's Pre-Shipment Activity

With the help of CargoNet Freight forwarders can complete their all pre shipment activities while conforming to the Standard Operating Procedures. The CargoNet pre shipment system supports all activities from initial Customer request for export till the cargo reaches the desired port and ready for shipment.

Request from Shipper

The CargoNet Booking module effectively captures the complete booking information regarding Shipper, Consignee, Notify parties, route, containers required and so forth.

Container Selection

Now freight forwarders can reliably depend on CargoNet’s 3-D container visualization to help their customers in deciding the numbers and type of containers best suited for cargo fitment virtually. This process besides conforming to the SOP also helps the Freight Forwarders to plan their shipment schedule depending on the delivery dates.

Liner Interactions

With the help of CargoNet’s Freight Rate management module, freight forwarders gain the benefit of offering the best rates to their customers. The module offers extensive support to get online information liner rates by the minute. The Freight Quote module of CargoNet helps freight forwarders Sales Force to prepare instant quotes no matter where they are located from their lap tops and send to the customers. This saves a lot of company’s and customer’s time.

Shipment in Transit

While the shipment is in transit, the forwarder and approved agents can access the cargo tracking feature of CargoNet to constantly update the in-transit status. The updated status is immediately reflected in the freight forwarder website. The status can be known by BL number, Job number, Container number and a host of other customizable parameters.

Shipment Confirmation

Once the shipment is created the freight forwarder’s operation team creates jobs from CargoNet by just importing data from Booking and adding other information related to she shipment. CargoNet gives the freedom to generate House BLs with a single click in case of consolidated shipments and option for Master BL creation with a single click data import. CargoNet supports BL printing on Customized statutory formatted BL and Draft copy. Customers, agents and other entities in the supply chain can get instant shipment information via CargoNet’s automated mailing and SMS from within the module rather than having to depend on external mailing systems.

Cargo offloading at destination port

When the cargo is offloaded at the destination port, the containers are temporarily stationed at the port before being taken up for customs inspection. This requires the utilization of Container Freight Stations. The CargoNet CFS module plays a vital role in monitoring the containers at the station and efficiently calculates the rent calculations, invoice and purchase bills generation, destuffing procedures if any and so forth. Automated calculations in CargoNet CFS enables port authorities to significantly save on man hours and get accurate calculations based on rates that may fluctuate.

IGM Filing

The Overseas agent Files the Import General manifest via the CargoNet EDI module. Once the IGM is filed online, the custom authorities evaluate the IGM and the acknowledgement is reflected in CargoNet module regarding the date of inspection based on which the containers are ready for customs inspection.

Customs Clearance

Once the IGM has been filed through CargoNet, the customs clearance procedures start. CargoNet Customs Clearance module in combination with Customs EDI helps the freight forwarders to quickly clear off the customs procedure and take out te cargo for delivery

Invoicing & Billing

Freight forwarders can generate standardized invoices and billing to the customers and manage their buying and selling effectively. The system keeps track of every single penny spent and earned and generates accurate statutory and management reports. TDS, Service taxes and other related aspects are completely taken care by CargoNet

Packing & Containerization

The CFS module of CargoNet takes care of the complete operational and documentation processes related to this process. The software is very much helpful to the freight forwarders for Load matching and Container load planning activities.

Land Transport

The CargoNet Local Transportation module handles all the processes and statutory documents generation related to goods in transit from shipper warehouse to the ports. Job creation, Trip sheets, invoicing and expense voucher handling are integral part of CargoNet. Cargo tracking module helps the freight forwarders to keep track of shipments at every point.

Customs' Clearance

CargoNet export clearance module combined with EDI interface and plug-in effectively handles all the processes related customs clearance, online document submission. The system automatically generates all the statutory reports and documents instantly saving a considerable amount time and cost to the freight forwarder.

Port handling procedure

Once the customs clearance procedures are through the freight forwarders can quickly logon to the Port handling procedure of CargoNet to complete the formalities associated with the port. CargoNet Port handling procedures make sure that the receivable and payables associated with port handling are completely covered. Some of the major aspects covered by CargoNet are


The comprehensive CargoNet warehouse module collects data right from unloading, to palletizing, Binning, bar coding till the cargo has moved out of the warehouse. This module is equipped with warehouse cargo inspection, inventory management, cargo storage, and in-transit transportation processes and generates required statutory documents and finance related reports to the freight forwarder.

Shipment at Port

Once the shipment arrives at the port much before the scheduled despatch date and may need to be anchored at the port. The CargoNet Port handling module effectively addresses this by keeping track of cargo movement within the port, containers stored temporarily halted in the ports, handling operational and finance activities, generating documents and reports related to statutory and management levels.

Local Transportation & Cargo Delivery

Once the cargo is released from port premises, CargoNet Local Transportation module helps in keeping track of the shipment and related process handling from the delivery port to the consignee premises.

Shipment on Board

Once the shipment is on board and set sail, the freight Forwarder can send automated mails from CargoNet to concerned parties like shipper, consignee and overseas agent. Pre-Alert can be generated from CargoNet with a single click data import from Job and can be instantly mailed from within the system. The system also has an option of instant messaging SMS which is built in.

Export benefit schemes for Shipper

This special feature introduced in CargoNet goes a long way in not only simplifying the freight forwarders job of co-ordination with the CHA in getting the export benefits for the shipper, but also gives a boost to the Customer faith in the freight forwarders customer commitment. CargoNet in this way is also benefiting the customer’s customer. Some of the export schemes covered by CargoNet are
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