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CargoNet is a state of the art Technology tool for the Freight Forwarding community that helps reduce costs and inventories, cuts cycle times, improves forecasting and increases flexibility and responsiveness in areas such as planning and execution, order fulfillment, procurement, production scheduling, logistics, transportation management and warehouse management.
CargoNet is simple to Install, Easy to learn and has a friendly and consistent User Interface that end users find easy to navigate across menu , make entries faster and takeout quick reports. The Management finds CargoNet as a dependable Reporting and Analytical tool that generates accurate reports for Job Profitability, Pending Payables & Receivables. It gives a Cutting edge to the management in Planning; assimilate resources and Executing shipments perfectly matching Customer requirements in terms of Cost, Time & Reliability, monitoring Status at every stage and quick communication to Customer’s Customer and Vendor’s Vendor keeping the whole scenario in perfect control.

Features & Benefits

CargoNet offers a wide range of features and benefits to the Supply Chain System in General and to the Freight Forwarder & CHA in particular.

CargoNet is made of Modules :

Each module is personified to perfection. The Customer can opt for a single module or the whole package. All the modules are connected to Finance for obviously known reasons. When there is an Invoice entry in the operations, Data gets automatically linked to Finance Module. The user has to just refer the Job and import the relevant information to get invoice printed within a matter of minutes. Major Features of the Software as analyzed from the perspective of the Freight forwarder who implements the software can be briefly summarized as Operations, Finance and management aspects.

For the Employees who use the system as End users in Operations the major advantages are

For the Finance people the software offers many built-in features which will help in reducing the routine paper work besides simplifying finance and accounting. You can import Job Data and create an invoice by just a few clicks and send it to Customer by Auto mail too.

Featured advantages are

For Management we offers a wide range of Decision Support reports which will help in charting out the future course of action depending upon the current scenario.

CargoNet is designed and developed with the aim in line with “Industry Requirement’ as the standard and serving the model of the “Management Software”, shaping the idea and generating valuable reports which help in building a Decision Support System increasing the enterprise’s key competitiveness in order to strengthen Business Profitability.
CargoNet has a strong Foundation of expert consultation and Guidance of people who have served and have a vast experience in the Supply Chain Management System. The Design & Development team has outstanding technological ability and deep freight transportation trade knowledge.
Application & Scope CargoNet caters to the segment of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of Cargo, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements. This tool can be very effective and efficient in streamlining the operations when used fully in a web based environment integrating the Operations module with Finance and making use of the Technology tools like Auto e-mail, Auto SMS and e-Docs.
CargoNet is an efficient platform for Freight Forwarders and CHA community. The scope covers Air, Sea, Inland Transportation, Warehouse, Clearance and most important it covers the initiation of the Customer, Lead Management.

Out of a number of ERP providers CargoNet best meets your requirements:

CargoNet system ranks among the best of solutions fulfilling all the criteria and is able to fit on the level of the different functional areas of the Freight Forwarder
CargoNet aims to focus and improve on three major aspects of Freight forwarding industry.

By improvising efficiency of Freight Forwarding in terms of

Time Frame

CargoNet reduces the time frame required for an efficient shipment by incorporating a centralized database which stores and distributes data in real time over a secure network spread across the globe with an easy to use web based application as Front End. This enables efficient co-ordination of operations and finance all across your departments and branches in completing the documentations quickly and without those costly errors which would otherwise have resulted in loss of revenue and precious Customer Time. For example if the shipment is moving from Mumbai and the operations documentation is in Delhi , your Delhi Branch can raise the Job and related documents in Delhi and BL can be raised in Mumbai Branch in a matter of minutes and the shipment from Mumbai happens as though the entire documentation has happened in one place. This dramatically increases your efficiency in handling shipments.


In the good old days when CargoNet was not yet introduced, people created a job in Excel, took a print, sent it to Accounts Department to Re-Enter the same for raising an invoice, sent an email to the Customer by attaching the Documents. Once they got payment this is sent to Mumbai office by Courier. There it is processed and the shipment would finally leave and the Customer would have a breath of relief that his shipment finally has departed. Imagine the Cost you have incurred and in case of any delay further costing and in case of errors another additional cost. Now all the procedures are replaced with CargoNet. This single tool has eliminated the lengthy procedure and those unwanted cost by the power of being a web based application.

Effective Communication Network

CargoNet enables quick communication across the globe with your Customers, Agents, Service Providers by incorporating Auto SMS, Auto e-mail and Web enabled secure login for Customers and Agents to view and download their shipment related Documents quickly without having to waste time on awaiting document and reports arrival via e-mail which would again mean dependency which would have otherwise slowed down the communication process.
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