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Freight Rate /Freight Quote Management Software

In today’s online world ,it is vital to be able to accurately forecast, manage and monitor freight costs. Whether you are a small ecommerce store or large multinational manufacturer, you need to ensure that you are making the best use of your resources.

The typical freight rate management problem is the “unknown” factor. All companies have to deal with this in some way but it is especially prevalent in businesses that have no experience in shipping. The unknown can also affect companies with international operations and those that are sending overseas from multiple locations.

CargoNet Freight rate management software is a powerful tool that allows shippers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers to more effectively and efficiently manage contracts, rates, accessorials and allowances, surcharges and other elements of their business. In the past, many companies maintained this information in spreadsheets, email or even on paper. However, such methods are inefficient and inaccurate .

CargoNet Freight rate management software helps transportation and logistics companies to manage their processes and activities relating to the administration of freight rates. Our systems help to track, analyze, compare and negotiate rates with transport/logistics service providers (LSPs) such as freight forwarders, carriers, shipowners, airlines, trucking companies and others. They can help transport buyers to improve efficiency and lower costs by providing a single platform for managing these activities. Our Freight rate management software makes it easier to get your freight quotes in place and track your shipments. It’s easy to use and can save you money by helping you avoid mistakes and save on expenses.

CargoNet Freight quote management software helps you manage your freight shipments. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to manage their freight rates and quotes across multiple carriers. Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose a freight quote management software with features like cash flow forecasting and monthly reports.

CargoNet Freight quote management system can take a complete set of quotes, Analyze the various methods of calculation, cost components like weight or volume, distance in road Kilometers or tariffs, zone and freight-dependent costs etc and show all available options and their respective costs. It helps to quickly compare and Analyze various scenarios related to the freight transportation.

The main benefits of our software include better inventory control, quoting and billing automation, improved marketing efforts and reduced warehouse costs.

why Cargonet Freight  Rate management software / Freight Quote management software  –

 1. Our Software is the best way to improve your profitability.                 

 2. It helps you to manage and control your freight rate and quotes so that you will give the best quotes to your customers        

.3. Our freight rate and quote management software will help you in managing your entire business.     

 4. You can easily search for a particular cargo or arrange a meeting with a particular client or do away with old data so that you will avoid any risk of losing information or making wrong decisions or mistakes in the future                                                        

.5. You can easily organize your daily business activities through the software so that you can run the business with ease by focusing on the things that are really important to you.                                                                                                                     

 6. Our software will provide you with a lot of benefits like fast access to information, accurate and timely data entry, efficient inventory management, real-time tracking,customized reports for every segment of business activity and many other things which can make your business more successful and profitable than ever before 

7. A freight rate and quote management software is much more efficient as compared to manual methods of doing things because it saves a lot of time for both the people who are working on their computers as well as for those who are handling paperwork at their offices.

8.You can avoid the hassle of creating quotes, sending them manually and then re-creating the same thing again after you have obtained a new quote from another carrier. You can avoid the endless cycle of generating quotes, getting them approved, re-generating them again if they are not approved, etc., if you use our freight quote management software


The CargoNet Freight Rate Management system

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