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We had Crossed 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 Financial years With their Web Centric Applications …. And still going on smoothly A Good Team with a Rare Combination of Skill Sets. I wish them all the Success.
– Mr. Sushil Gupta Managing Director (Atlas De Cargo , Atlas Shipping , Blue Moon Logistics)
Our experience of ICTs 24×7 Customer friendly support is clear and visible, our employees are suggesting to go for further products from ICT and our entire office got Connected via their online System and we centralized by their Consulting .what more can we say?
– Mr. Rajneesh Suri (Managing Partner –Eagle Trans Shipping Pvt Ltd)
They Made our process Easy and Made a Paperless office it is Excelled hand Knotted ERP for Logistics
– Mr. Gautham (Linked In Logistics)
Initially, we went for a website development from ICT. Their Customer support bound us to go for CargoNet, Our relations and bonds are only growing
– Mr. Dhiraj (Managing Partner- Azure Logistics)
Our system has been transformed for better, be it CargoNet or Website design we have had a pleasant experience with ICTs Customer support.
– Mr. Koshy (RTW Logistics)
By Teaming with ICT we have enhanced our efficiency and their gracious approach to Customer Support is quite heartening

 – Mr. Ajay Sharma (Manager –Jet Speed Logistics)

Well Organized Team Support and Excellent Product we got the Real Mileage With CargoNet Keep it up
– Mr. Rishi Jain (Director – Globus Transitos)
It is an Good Software Literature written for Logistics Industry and they Well understood the Concept and done the Application, We Done via you we got the Good Work Flow
– (Director – Nautical Lines)
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8. Are you using Automatic Outstanding Reports option? Period Auto outstanding reminders to customer

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