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Cloud Computing - Cloud based Freight Forwarding / Logistics ERP Solution

Putting in simple terms, CargoNet offers CargoNet in the form of cloud computing services for SMEs. By doing so, CargoNet and its vast benefits are being brought to the SMEs that don’t have the kind of investment or access to premium products and services. CargoNet on the cloud gives many options to use as cloud-based solutions from your local computers. Additionally, as CargoNet is available as a service in a pay by use format, giving SME’s that much more options when it comes to economical investments.

The other major benefit of CargoNet on the cloud is its accessibility: One of the best cost saving options for you as a customer is the accessibility of CargoNet on the cloud. Users can share valuable data from any Internet connection. CargoNet on the cloud also helps your employees to access information using their smart phone or computer in secure and simple ways.

CargoNet on the cloud houses data, services and applications centralized servers that can be accessed and updated by multiple users simultaneously. CargoNet cloud users can easily get the CargoNet Client application installed on their standard desktops and laptops relatively with ease. The CargoNet enabled CargoNet Cloud server platforms then come into the pCargoNeture that manage or enable access, as well as the actual application itself, and the infrastructure required to coordinate all of these elements are taken care of by the CargoNet cloud itself. You don’t have to carry the burden of creating and managing the complex hardware platforms & infrastructure and the software resources at your end.

CargoNet as Cloud computing services eliminate capital expenditure. This is particularly of great benefit to your company if you belong to the SME category to enjoy the benefits of a highly centralized web based Freight Forwarding ERP  like CargoNet at a level of much larger organizations.

CargoNet as Cloud computing services eliminate capital expenditure. This is particularly of great benefit to your company if you belong to the SME category to enjoy the benefits of a highly centralized web based ERP like CargoNet at a level of much larger organizations.


Now CargoNet on the cloud is made available in three distinct modes. SMES looking forward to harness the benefits of CargoNet can utilize the CargoNet Cloud Computing model mainly in three ways.

The CargoNet Private Cloud

Many companies face the challenge of migrating from a desktop or client-server architecture to a Web based applications model. CargoNet on the cloud makes it simple to adopt and use the powerful web driven centralized application with relative ease. Companies no longer have to struggle with processes which can be fraught with delays and incompatibility with legacy systems. CargoNet can have a dramatic impact on the crucial freight forwarding and other related supply chain activities, especially when SMEs in the freight forwarding area pressing for a SaaS application in the short term with all of the same features that are made available in the enterprise editions of the software.

The CargoNet Private Cloud is specifically designed to work for companies and corporates who have widely spread branches. The organizations want to utilize their data, resources and applications across their branches in such ways that

CargoNet on the cloud can provide an ideal platform for your company to migrate from traditional client-server application to an efficient private cloud computing podium. CargoNet can leverage the benefits of your private cloud and by making use of the dedicated servers to deliver their solution over the Internet at one point of sourcing. The rest of users can work on private VPN to access the centralized server in a secure environment. Your company’s end users do not necessarily know if they’re running on in a multi-tenant software application or on a virtual server dedicated to their instance of the software. Companies, especially SMEs often find it quite a daunting task to shift from their traditional network based systems to new platforms. The reasons for such a shift are quite obvious and self evident. It is the lack of infrastructural knowledge, technical knowhow, and qualified technical staffs that make them feel hesitant.

Now, with CargoNet taking over the cloud, the companies can hope for better days ahead in terms of solving their technical and commercial problems involved in the initiation and the switch over process.

The CargoNet private cloud can deliver a secure platform where the end user can be assured that their data is safe and the network is secure. Each instance of CargoNet application can be spun up on its own virtual services within the private cloud. Every time a new user is added, an additional virtual cloud service is spun up, with the operating system, application and configuration preloaded and ready to go within minutes

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