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CargoNet (A complete ERP for Logistics Community) is designed, developed and supported by I Code Technologies Pvt Ltd. I Code CargoNet product has been deployed across the globe for customers over the past 12 years to bring in operational efficiency and enhance profitability. CargoNet has and is continuing to evolve to bring the latest technology implementation to the evolving needs of the global logistics market. This document attempt to provide a glimpse of the product development approach, the technology and architectural standpoints that together mould the CargoNet system.

Development Approach

CargoNet is deployed for multiple customer across the globe. Every customer has their own unique set of requirements, business rules and standards. To ensure that each of our customer has their unique variant of CargoNet, but still enjoy the benefits of a common off the shelf product, we follow the Asset Based Development Approach.
CargoNet base is a set of common, shared and managed features that satisfy the needs of the logistics space. Customer specific product variants are assembled out of this base product through a standard practice to ensure utmost quality. Our development approach is as outlined below.

Product Engineering

Product Delivery Management

Requirements Engineering

Cargo & Freight Forwarding Software


The solution architecture below highlights the areas of operations covered by the Cargo net products and solutions. They are segmented at the enterprise level, business partner level, statutory level and industry levels.


Cargo net assets and products built follow the Depth of Defence strategy to ensure security. Every transaction is traceable to its origin, date and time of performance and users performing the action. The system expects that the explicit access authorized are only honoured. At the base layer there is Authentication of the users, Role based authorization ensuring that only users with the necessary privileges are provided access to the requested data or features.
The system also verifies and validates data passed at each and every layer and ensures data length, data type and data boundary tests are satisfied. The Cargo net system adheres to the OWASP standards and guidelines and provides safe access to data only through stored procedures. Sensitive data is encrypted and stored and strict password policies are in place to ensure safety.

Application Architecture

Cargo net base assets and variant products arising are based on Multi-Tier Architecture with layers to isolate and segment functions. There are also layers which are universally applicable across these layers and are modelled as cross cutting concerns. The separation of concerns allows us to develop and refine each layer independent of the other.

Infrastructure Architecture

The diagram below details the infrastructure architecture at the outset. A precise infrastructure architecture and the deployment mode as to Cloud or In Premise shall be decided based on customer needs.
CargoNet Software Business architecture Module

Business Continuity & Availability

Today, a lot of businesses needs to be available on a 24 x 7 basis. Robust infrastructures are a prerequisite for this need and Cargo net system has been developed taking this into consideration. Cargo net provides the right solution for customers based on their needs.
CargoNet Software User experience architecture

User exp & Multi-channel device access

Products derived out of Cargo net provide multi-channel access across a variety of platforms and devices. These include Desktops, Tablets – iOS, Android, Mobile Phones, POS stations, mobile POS handheld devices, Kiosks. This ensures that the user has a unified experience across all devices and platforms.

Instant Recovery and Hot Swappable Continuity

For customers who have stringent availability and continuity requirements, we go to ensure that systems are able to recover instantly from the failures using fail overs providing sufficient redundancy options – at the network level, hardware level and software level. Such infrastructures also provide a level of load balancing ensuring that systems cope up with some sudden bursts of work load.

Quick Recovery at Tolerable Performance Levels

Customers choosing this option have a failover location at a different location, which is not as capable as the primary site. The data is continuously synchronized with this location, thus allowing quick recovery, but not at the same performance level as the primary site.


One of the fundamental architectural principles of Cargo net products is – Software products and applications evolve and need to be adaptable and extensible. This is also one of the drivers for iCode to choose the Asset based development approach. There is a high degree of independence with each of our components with the required degree of cohesive bonding to ensure smooth flow of work within the system.

Security Architecture

Cargo net products are designed to be extensible and allow to add any features and change features to suit to the changing business needs. Cargo net supports White box extensibility and specifically the Glass box extensibility, where the extensions are separated from the original system such that it is not impacted. Object oriented principles such as inheritance is used to support extensibility.
CargoNet Data Migration & ETL Architecture

Integration Architecture

Cargo net system has been built to support integration from the ground up. Cargo net is open to receiving data from a variety of sources such as GPS devices, RFID scanners, QR and Barcode scanners. The data comes in as a continuous feed or as scheduled import into the system at specified time intervals. Cargo net also has specific custom adapters that facilitate integration with customer business systems and standard ERP systems such as SAP FICO. Cargo net exposes a set of API accessible via multiple protocols such as REST, SOAP, POX. In addition to this Cargo net also offers standard and customized data feeds, alerts and notifications for predefined events in the system. Integration with Cargo net is simplified when these features are leveraged.
In addition to supporting integration and data transfer at the enterprise level, Cargo net also acts as a hub to exchange documents with business partners, statutory bodies or regulatory authorities. To facilitate such exchange adherence to domain standards and technical standards such as EDI have been part of the system.

Customer Specific Integration Scenario with SAP or any Other ERP

Cargo net has already integrated with SAP for its existing customers. Integration can be done at the data level or process level depending upon the organization’s need.
The diagram below provides an overview of the possbile integration with the SAP business system and the artifact exchanges which would be appropriate.
Cargonet Cargo Software Logo

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