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CargoNet - on Cloud
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Web Centric Logistics Solution!

CargoNet is a Complete software solution that meets the unique
needs of Supply Chain System. It is designed to provide a turnkey
solution scaled to virtually any operation...

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Customize Software!

CargoNet is a complete software solution that meets the unique needs of Freight Forwarders.
It is designed to provide ....

Welcome to CargoNet A complete ERP for Freight Forwarding and CHA Community


CargoNet (A Complete ERP for Freight Forwarding and CHA Community) is designed, developed and supported by I code technologies Pvt Ltd.

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We deliver high quality software and customised e- business solutions, that reflect the in-depth knowledge in today's fast growing world.

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Demo Area

CargoNet Software is an online web based Logistics Cargo Freight system. You can book a demo to know about our software completely.

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Cargo Tracking

The major factor that affects supply chain management is effective cargo tracking. When a shipment is in transit, it is very important

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Who we are

Cargo Net is a complete ERP for Freight Forwarding and CHA Community which is a single centralized framework to integrate and automate all Operational and Financial processes for a Logistics Firm , with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments and Branches.

  • Mr. Sushil Gupta - Atlas De Cargo, Atlas Shipping, Blue Moon Logistics
    We had Crossed 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 Financial years With their Web Centric Applications. And still going on smoothly A Good Team with a Rare Combination of Skill Sets. I wish them all the Success
  • Mr. Rajneesh Suri - Eagle Trans Shipping Pvt Ltd
    Our experience of ICTs 24x7 Customer friendly support is clear and visible, our employees are suggesting to go for further products from ICT and our entire office got Connected via their online System and we centralized by their Consulting. what more can we say?
  • They Made our process Easy and Made a Paperless office it is Excelled hand Knotted ERP for Logistics - Gautham (Linked In Logistics)
  • Initially, we went for a website development from ICT. Their Customer support bound us to go for CargoNet, Our relations and bonds are only growing – Dhiraj (Managing Partner- Azure Logistics)

  • Our system has been transformed for better, be it CargoNet or Website design we have had a pleasant experience with ICTs Customer support. – Sales Koshy (RTW Logistics)
  • By Teaming with ICT we have enhanced our efficiency and their gracious approach to Customer Support is quite heartening – Ajay Sharma (Manager –Jet Speed Logistics)
  • Well Organized Team Support and Excellent Product we got the Real Mileage With CargoNet Keep it up – Rishi Jain (Director – Globus Transitos)
  • It is an Good Software Literature written for Logistics Industry and they Well understood the Concept and done the Application, We Done via you we got the Good Work Flow (Director – Nautical Lines)

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Why we are Best!

Smart Features of Software
CargoNet Software is an Exclusively Complete Logistics Solution to your Organization
WE Exclusively work for Logistic Industry, with a vision to deliver the high Quality Software.
100+ Feature Sections

Handful of model sentence structures non characteristic words etc.

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Logistics IT Infrastructure

Logistics Companies globally are facing the crunch when
it comes to IT Infrastructure Design and Deployment.
    The Management is mainly looking to solve their equations like
  • How to increase the efficiency of IT?
  • How to adopt IT to the fast changing Business needs?
  • How to ensure business continuity and Growth depending on IT Infrastructure?
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A private cloud is a new model for IT delivery.

    Advantages of Private Cloud :
  • CargoNet on the cloud gives many options to use as cloud-based solutions
    from your local computers. Additionally, as CargoNet is available as a service in a pay by use format,
    giving SME's that much more options when it comes to economical investments.
  • Some organizations, because of their organizational cultures or for security or
    regulatory concerns, cannot move directly into public clouds, but
    they have the option of private clouds.
  • The ways to use them to optimize your investments, processes, and infrastructure.
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ICT is a customized Integrated Logistics Solution Provider

Outsourcing Logistics Documentation - IT BPO SERVICE
  • Low Cost.
  • Back Office Customer Support.
  • Easily Accessible & Operational.
  • Lower logistics back office costs.
  • Creates a business value that reduces inventory.
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Video Session Here's the best part of our impressive services.

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Cloud Computing
Private & Public


All Device Compatibility

Easy-to-customize and fully designed For Logistics Company

Our Logistics Software CargoNet Compatibility in all New Generation Devices

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Tablets
  • i Phones
  • Easy to job Operations
  • Your Company in Your Mobile
  • Easy Accessibility
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Mobile Friendly Application

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Other Services Here's the best part of our impressive services

Web Design

We have Web designing For All Fields and Category of Companies.

Web Development

We Provide Software Development For All Requirements.

Mobile Application

We also support Mobile Application Developments.


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